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Loving God and loving others is what drives us as in ministry. How different would the world be if a generation of students were allN to loving God and others with everything they had, everything they did and everything they are? What if they were allN to change the world around for the better? We want to go allN or nothing with a life devoted to following Jesus.


#allN worship

6:30-7:30 in The Loft

Great night of hanging out, games, music and Message. This is where real life & real friends meet a real loving God.

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#allN deepEND

9:15-10:15 in The Loft

Do you want to go deeper with your relationship with God? Come join us for in depth discussion and discovery as we dive into God’s Word, the Bible. We will jump into the deepEND of life and see how the Bible helps us live with wisdom and thrive in the world today.

The Lastest



Battle of the Sexes is happening. Girls are kicking booty 98 and boys have 80. #allNstudents #girlsrule #girlscan #boysdrool #boyswhereareyou


It’s all fun and games, but the girls SHOWED OUT tonight and schooled the boys in Name That Tune, Battle of the Sexes. #allNstusents #allNgames


Singing with allNstudents is amazing. They know how to worship God. #allNstudents


Friday night was a great memory in the book. These MSM (Middle School Ministry) students are very creative and funny. Thank you to the Mott’s for hosting us! Merry Christmas!

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